March 01, 2003

My Love Notes

You go Ala....this was a "Love Note" i got for my post below this one.

Well sis all I can say is FUCK UM ALL! Yups thatz right JUS FUCK ALL YA'LL ASSHOLES! FUCK CHAT, FUCK THE INET and FUCK THAT 37 YEAR OLD FUCKIN DEADBEAT, JOBLESS, MOTHERFUCKING ASSHOLE! Im tired of hearing about his lowlife ass and fucked up comments. He jus talks his shit cuz hez not here! He needs a real ass kicking or even his comp fried! UGH sometimes I wish I remembered how to "hack" And as for those who laughed at that picture, all I can say is that YOU PPL ARE FUCKED UP! DAMN someone should beat him with a creative stick! hahahaha! maybe then that picture would have been something to laugh about. But his creativity is jus as lame as his "cutdowns" Well Im tired of talking about this asshole! Im gonna go now! Buh bai! Love yah sis!!
Posted By: Keala     3/1/2003 11:55:37 AM

Just gotta love my sis!!! LoL

February 28, 2003

Victims #2 and #3 - Case of the FAT ASS FROG and the Filipino Elf

Looks to me like people just can't keep their fuckin mouths shut. (I'm talking about the unspoken one) Just so you know, I refuse to say "his" name because it's like Beatle say it 3 times and that fliggah will end up popping up laughing at his lame jokes and typing like a dysfunctional 12 year old boy...anyways....this post is about "the fat ass frog". Why am I referring to Amber as a fat ass frog? Simple! The fact that this bitch can't stick to one male. She jumps from lily pad to lily pad. It's pathetic. Her and Dollar broke up and 9 days later she's with some guy named Keone. FYI: ALL FROM THE NET. Can't you people find love OFFLINE?! LoL Honestly, I never really liked the girl. She TRIED to hook up with one of my ex's in the past. I think at that time she was 15 years old maybe 14 I can't remember. Now she's 17 an just can't find the right man. I remember once she told me she liked my friend Conan. LoL! He told me he'd never hook up with her for two reasons....1. She's young 2. SHE'S PSYCHO AND ALWAYS CALLS. LoL too funny. I'm not saying Conan is old, but let just say a guy his age shouldn't be going out with a girl with the word "teen" in her age.
I've tried to be civil with this bitch, but I just couldn't bare to see this shit in my offlines.

Fliggah: go check my new pic
sweet okole: ok jun
Fliggah: you goin to like my new pic
Fliggah: lol
Fliggah: they goin to like my new pic ola
sweet okole: lol jun
Fliggah: lol
Fliggah: hahahaha
Ola_B0t_Ch@tter_Box: buahahahahaha
\~*~/QueenAmber\~*~/: BAHAHAHAHAHA
\~*~/QueenAmber\~*~/: OMG
Fliggah: how you like my new pic
sweet okole: lmao at ola
Fliggah: saha look so pretty on that pic huh
Fliggah: lol
sweet okole: hahaha
Fliggah: i love my new pic
KrOhNiK.BaDa.iMi: mean da pic jun
Fliggah: saha look so good with her thong
sweet okole: omg jun lmao
ÁÐV...ÇÊÐØÇTØR: Love that uiggy button
Fliggah: lol
Fliggah: hahaha
\~*~/QueenAmber\~*~/: BUAHAH@jun
Fliggah: lol

*Twirls her hair like a valley girl* Well LIKE now do you LIKE get it LIKE AMBULAR?!?!?!!?
You must be a stupid ass bitch. An as for OLA. Braddah, I thought you were cool, but I guess I'm wrong. An you know what's the awesome thing? YOU LIVE HERE. LoL I just can't wait to let Paka know you think that shit is funny. He wanted to beat your ass that night at Conan's house when he came, but out of respect for Conan, he never started shit with you. If you don't believe me, ask KANANI. She's knows. Man Ola I never thought that you would stoop to Jun's level and diss me like that. Remember the other morning when you were getting mad at E Boy and you started calling him out. LoL Tell him bring it to Ewa. So safe! Ola let's get real. You have a body like a 11 year old kid. You remind me of a fuckin Keebler Elf.
The people that laughed and I don't know, I couldn't give a fuck. I'd probably laugh too if i didn't know what was going on. Ola and Amber know the drama that's going on. I mean this is the guy that has made death wishes on my unborn baby, how fucked up is that? An you people still associate with him? For what? He's nothing...literally. For those of you that don't know how old he is (fliggah) re-read that convo up there and leave me a comment telling me how old you think he is. If you guess anything under...lets sayyy....35...YOU'RE WRONG. So for you people out there that read his site, know the drama or just know how he laugh at the shit he says about me...give him input to things he says about me YOU WILL BE SHIT LISTED. Believe me, I WILL find out. There are many people in chat that LOVE to "squeal" on you IGNORANT FUCKS.
Well I'll write more later I'm tired and my creative juices just arent flowing right now.

February 27, 2003

cont. of Victim #1 - Case of the sister in the closet

Alright that was pretty cruel. Let me just explain myself. I didn't really have a problem with Ginger until two things happened. First, I found out from (kalapaki) Lei that Ginger was, in my opinion, punking her out (in person and online). This chick thinks she's so fuckin tap, but I'll let you in on a little secret. The one's that are humble are the ones you watch out for. Lets take Maikalani for instance...she doesn't really say much, but from what I heard, she "woke" Ihilani the fuck up. LoL An if you guys know Ihilani, she always makes like she can pull her weight. Not to mention she can't even control her kids, so how the fuck can you control yourself? Anways back to Ginger, being intimidating only makes you look like a fool, especially when you're going to try an intimidate a "young" girl. No offence Lei. Second, I found out that she thought this picture of me was funny.

ÖÏâz_ßêßê_Gúr£©: ai ai at juns pro

Looks like some ameture work to me. I think this picture looks way better. Totally worth a laugh. It made me laugh so hard that I put it on my profile. Anyways...know what? I think it's waaaaaaaaay funnier to find out that someone "fucked" her sister. Looks like I got the last laugh YOU STRETCHED FOREHEADED WHALE. I have no clue why Ola is so in love with you. You're so repulsive! You need to get your eyebrows waxed PROFESSIONALLY and if you are going to a salon, shoot the person that does your brows. They're TERRIBLE!! You're hair is so burnt looking, looks like it's gonna fall out because you left your hair color in too long or you used some ghetto ass hydrogen peroxide. An shit! If to K Mart or whatever store you can get hair dye from and DYE YOUR HAIR AGAIN! YOUR ROOTS LOOK LIKE THEY'RE 5 INCHES LONG! You ever watch the Style Network? If I could, I'd put you on Fashion Emergency, you REALLY NEED it. Someone has definately lied to you. I can't believe you actually go out in public and take pictures of yourself looking the way you do. I could see if you didn't TRY to look pretty. But it's so obvious that you THINK you've got game. Make some bangs and cover your huge ass forehead. You do have hope Ginger! Don't give up so soon. Look at Tyra Banks, she's got a huge forehead, but she did something about it. HO DA HORRAHZ!!!!!
So, for all of you people out there in Yahoo! land, think twice before you give Jun some input. I've pretty much got dirt on EVERYONE. An believe me, THE TRUTH SHALL SET YOU FREE!

February 26, 2003

Victim #1 - Case of the sister in the closet

It has been brought to my attention that there are some things out there that all of you might not know. Just so happens that I have a website (this site) and an extremely incomparable "resource". I have made it my duty as a Yahoo Chat Kronik to let all of you, (my colleagues) who I watch apon while all the perils of chat drama materializes, know that GINGER IS A BI ALCHOLIC THAT SLEPT WITH HER FUCKIN SISTER. I'm sorry, all that beating around the bush bullshit I just couldnt do it. Now that is some fucked up shit. Not just fucked up. I don't give a shit how "disoriented" you were at the time. That is just so inhumanly WRONG!!!!
Oh yeah, keep in mind that when she told Maka'ala this, she was drinking. I notice that when people drink they tend to let things slip out. An in her case the fact that she slept with her sister. Well I'm making this short and sweet. Please deal with the issues you have Ginger. Seems to me that for someone who's over the age of 20 sure as hell doesn't know what the fuck she wants or is doing for that matter. You say you're not with Ola, you're gonna kick his ass but then yet you're with him and 6 weeks pregnant with a baby. I won't say his, because I don't know who's baby it is. (not that I'm implying anything) Do ALL of the following as a favor to this unborn child.

1. Get some professional help
2. Stop drinking and coming online (what an embarassment)
An finally
4. Do not attempt to THINK that you can raise this child.

At least not in your condition. You've got less than 8 months to get your act together.

Here's a quote by one of the most ingenious men to ever walk the planet Earth.
"I am merely illuminating the terrain we presently find ourselves deployed in." -Maka'ala

ok this is my first post on my talkin' shit site. I'm calling it "talkin' shit" and this version is called "Pink • Hugs" Besure that you read my disclaimer, don't just skim thru it, READ THE WHOLE FUCKIN THING. An don't even waste your time by leaving me stupid ass comments. If you're gonna leave a comment, please make it worth my while. I do have a life..believe it or not. If you wanna give me any 411 on some good gossip, you can either email me or catch me in messenger. If you read my disclaimer, you'll know my SN for messenger. Other than that, I've got nothing more to say right now.