March 15, 2003

200 lbs. // 6 ft. 2 in.

God damn KEana you call me a cow and a pig, WELL YOU'RE A FUCKIN HIPPO!!! If you wanna go the farm animal route. My homeboy told me you're 200 lbs. and you're 6 ft. 2 inches. WTF?!?!?! I'm 5 foot 4 inches and you wanna fight with me? YOU MUST BE A BULLY!!!! LoL First off, I never did anything TO YOU! but because I pissed your friend off, you wanna fight with me. OMFG TALK ABOUT NEED ATTENTION. Do you have to pick on the smaller gals in order to make yourself feel good? It's sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo perceptible!!!!!!! If I ever come across "Keana", oh believe me IMMA RUN MY HAPPY ASS ALL THE WAY TO THE POLICE STATION Laughing My Fuckin Ass Off! Fuck if I'm gonna let some fuckin jolly green giant beat my ass. That is just fuckin scary!! Lastly, Wtf made you think you could be a female? Females arent 200lbs and 6"2'. You are a undeniably hideous "female" Just come to face the fact that you're monstrous Keana BECAUSE YOU FUCKIN ARE!! Don't hate on me because I'm naturally ALL WOMAN and you have to pay to be ALL WOMAN! My man loves me and is happy with the way I look now go find someone who'll feel the same for you. Maybe that'll keep your ass outta chat and far away from the drama you instigate.

March 13, 2003

Liars suck!!

Why do people have to keep talking shit about me even though I don't go into chat? You people are looking for attention. IF YOU DON'T LIKE ME DON'T TALK ABOUT ME!!!!!!!!!!!!
Does it make you smile just to know that SOMEONE ELSE "told me off" First off, Keana never TOLD ME OFF like how he thinks. LoL He started drama with me in chat because of what I wrote about Ginger on my site. It was fuckin stupid as hell. I go in chat and Keana is bitching at some newbie girl about whatever...and then once she realized Saha's here, she jumped on my case. Talk about NO LIFE....the real ones with no life are the ones that go in chat FOR DRAMA EVERY SINGLE DAY. Here is a conversation Jun and Keana had. Someone sent it to me. I highlighted the parts I thought you might find amusing.

FligDawg: you told saha off lastnight
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: ya
FligDawg: im proud of you shim
FligDawg: lol
FligDawg: woooooo hoooooooooo
FligDawg: you told saha off
FligDawg: you go shim
FligDawg: she deserved it
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: she made sites of ginger and fallon
jun_da_40yr_old_loser: jun, saha is a teenager, why u let a teenager psyche u out..?
FligDawg: saha aint no fuckign teenager you idiot
FligDawg: shes a fucking old hag tryin to be a teenager
jun_da_40yr_old_loser: JUn, arent you a grown man..and she's a young girl..?..darn jun, u old enough to be her
FligDawg: lol
FligDawg: hey mahu
FligDawg: tell me what happen lastnight

FligDawg: lol
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: yes jun
FligDawg: i want to know
FligDawg: hey keana
FligDawg: tell your bf mikey to shut up
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: well it was tuesday night
FligDawg: hes tryin to get on my dick again
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: then she left came back
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: with her crew
FligDawg: yeah
FligDawg: oh really

DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: for talking shit and making site of my friends
FligDawg: she did that to me mahu
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: wat
FligDawg: so dont feel bad
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: she claims that she made one of me now
FligDawg: now that im doin the same shit to her
FligDawg: she cant handle it
FligDawg: she dont have no life keana
FligDawg: saha is just a bully

DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: she calling her bf and cousin on me
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: lmao
FligDawg: she thinks everybody should be scared of her ugly fat ass
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: why she cant fight me herself
FligDawg: shes looking for ugly fat stupid bitches to join her girly_girl
FligDawg: hey keana
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: i told her i wait till she give birth
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: lolFl
FligDawg: she get one fat ass belly you know
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: hehehehe
FligDawg: and she have this spare tire on her waist
FligDawg: she dont have to worry about having a flat tire and not having a spare tire to use
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: lol
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: hahahahah
FligDawg: she took her chatter box out
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: i just trip how everyone run from saha
FligDawg: i heard that she was talking shit about me in her chatter box

jun_da_40yr_old_loser: saha, i like see da rooms...
DiS_mAhU_oN_hEr_KneEzZaY: <<< not scared of saha
FligDawg: like always

Alright, here's where I'm going to make comments about what they said (the highlighted parts), since I was not in there. Keana never told me off, she had nothing to "tell me off" about. I never did anything TO Keana directly, I don't even know her. Keana says that I made siteS of Ginger and Fallon. No you're wrong two times in that one sentance. I made a site that talked shit about GINGER and GINGER that time. Now I'm talking about you.
LMFAO @ mike aka jun_da_40yr_old_loser. Saha is a teenager...well you're actually right on that one Jun I "aint no fuckign teenager" but I'm not and OLD HAG TRYING TO BE A TEENAGER LoL sounds like you're describing yourself there Jun. I'm in my early 20's and you're in your VERY late 30's. Mike is right, you're old enought to be my father LoL look how you act. Kanani's dad is YOUNGER than you!!! that's funny.
Funny how Keana remember's the night we had our dispute...i didn't even pay attention to what night it was...i'm not even sure if she's right lmfao! I never left and came back in chat with my crew either LoL wtf are you talking about're weird as fuck. I was in there all by myself and I left because I went into another room because you started boring me, because you type like shit, you type so fuckin slow. Stop stroking your dick. I know drama turns you on fuckin purvuted unstable BI SEXUAL faggot.
I didn't "claim" shit MARY. I never told anyone I wrote about you on my learn what the meaning of "claim" is. People that come to my site find out what I'm talking about, I don't go an say HEY GO READ MY SITE CUZ I'M TALKING SHIT ABOUT YOU....well i take that back I did that to Amber. Jun says I don't have a life, like he HAS one. LoL First of all Flip, I've got a life. At least I'm not like you living at home with mommy and daddy. I've got my own crib. I take care of myself. Mommy and daddy don't pay for any of my bills nor do they have to PUT UP with me like how your parents do. An how old are you? Late 30's? I'm in my early 20's and I've been living on my own longer than you can even dream about being on YOUR own. I'm not a bully. I don't go into chat LOOKING for drama like you FLIP. If anyone's a bully around chat, IT'S YOU JUN! Stop trying to make me look bad by describing me the way EVERYONE ELSE would describe you...(ex: old hag acting like a teenager, no lifer, stupid, sewer rat, ect.) You say I have one fat ass belly, but know what? I SHOULD FUCKIN HOPE SO YOU MORON! I'M ABOUT TO GIVE BIRTH YOU IMBICIL! When I wasn't pregnant, I'll admit, I'm not skinny, but i'm not fat either. LoL my weight matches with my height and that's all that matters to me. I did have a child before this an I'm not one of those lucky skinny japanese girls that keep their figure after having 5 kids. I'm hawaiian. What do you expect? I've never "claimed" *ahem* Keana don't get confused now, i know you've had a hard time using this word *ahem* to be something I'm not. I've always used my pictures on my profiles and my sites. I met people from chat so everyone knows what they need to know.
Keana you just trip about how everyone RUNS from me? WTF IS UP WITH THAT. So do I! That's news to me. I didn't know I had an impact on people like that. I'm surely staying outta chat now. I really had NO CLUE at all that I scare people. Muh badd yall! LoL
Jun heard I was talking shit about him in my chatter box? UHMMM NO! I was talking about Keana though!  LoL Why the fuck would I talk about you in there? You're so fuckin weird. How could you HEAR about that? Stop coming to my site you dumb fuck. You're obviously LOOKING for drama. Get the fuck over the chat drama and make your parents proud. An I'm not talking about WINNING MONEY BY BOWLING. Yes I did do some homework on your loser ass Jun. I thought that by doing that I'd give you the benefit of the doubt that you just might not be the no loser i thought you were...but your brother told me all types of things....not even knowing he was talking to me LoL that's another story....
I'm so glad that you point it out that you're not scared of me Keana, you type like ginger. Just so you know Keana..for someone that ISNT scared of me, you sure as hell go outta your way to SICK YOU MUTTS ON ME. Oh sonja so and so going like lick saha. LICK THE STRETCHMARKS ON MY FUCKIN ASS YOU STINKY CAT POO CUNTS.

Now wasn't that fun...I just wasted a shit load of time writing this...about 20 mins. Ugh!!!!

March 11, 2003

Buy yourself some anal beads

This boy is fuckin horrahz!!!!
Like see his profile? *cLiCk* Maybe I should referr to kEana as "IT" because that's what "IT" is. It told me tonight that I was talking shit about all it's friends on my websiteS. First of all I've only talked shit about 4 people, so if that's all the friends that IT has, then I guess so. Next I only have ONE fuckin talkin' shit website and 1 child so learn when and when not to pluralize your words. It kept telling me "TAKE CARE OF YOUR KIDS" I hate when people make like they know my life. I DID TAKE CARE OF MY KID, IT WAS PAST 8PM SO WHERE THE FUCK YOU THINK MY KID WAS? SLEEPING!!!! Kinda reminds me of the unspoken flip. I'm not on welfare nor do I have section 8. I wish I could get free money. But know what? People that collect from the state are no different from you and I. People living life that need help due to stuggles. If you're gonna hate better go tease A LOT of other people online. LoL I'm not mentioning any names, but I know one girl online who doesn't hesitate to talk about her "blue and gold visa".
Yes I talked about your bestfriend Ginger on my site. She should've kept her laughing to herself. Think of it this way, better her than you! (well too late for that now that you've open your mouth) I never talked shit about Fallon on my site or to anyone for that fact. We've had our differences in the past, but that's all it is to me. So I have no clue why the fuck you trying for start that shit. I have nothing against Fallon, she goes out with my bro Sean and that's all I know about her. If I wanted for start dramas with Fallon, she'd know. An whoever your friend Sonja is, she needs to mind her own business and maybe even get a boyfriend or a job. If she's got enough time to stick her nose into SOMEONE ELSE'S drama she's got enough time to WORK and if she is working, THEN SHE NEEDS TO WORK MORE! Another thing kEana, learn the difference between a WHALE and someone that is pregnant. LoL!!! If you think I'm a whale, I'd hate to hear what you think about the other people that chat online. I know for a fact I'm not the biggest person on here. I also know for a fact that you're fuckin nose needs some work. Where are you nostrils? I know it's not because you're looking down, the tip of your nose doesn't point points down...what's wrong with it? You told me that you make more money than me, well if you do then what the fuck are you doing home sitting on your ass on a comp? Go do something with all that fuckin money. Take your other tranny friends out, buy yourself a REAL DOLL and fondle all night. Change that little vienna in your pants into a uki or go to school and learn how to type. Let me remind you kEana, just because you've got "TITS" doesn't make you a FEMALE. Hasn't your mother taught you anything? Boys don't hit girls. Never ask me to come to Makiki again, because I'd never go out of my way to "meet" up with you. Another thing, you're right, if you wanna give me lickin's you're gonna have to wait until I give birth. Believe me, you won't even get the chance to TOUCH me. My boyfriend would mop the street with your deformed nose before you can say "I overdosed on estrogen" Anyways...FUCK YOU KEANA. ALL YOU LIVE FOR IS ONLINE DRAMA, MIND YOUR BUSINESS AND LEARN WHEN TO PUT THE LETTER "S" AT THE END OF NOUNS.

March 10, 2003

LMFAO @ Kanani's site!!!!!!! Sorry this is a short post, I've got something to do. BBL!!!