March 26, 2003

Lahela aka Jasmine aka Tihani aka Lehua Lee

Got this off someone's site...just thought I'd spread the ALOHA.

"Oh yah before I go I jus wanted to send out a BIG FUCK YOU to Lahela....your BUSTED! Talk about faking a fucking profile and lying about who you REALLY are! God must have TONZ of time on your hands to be making up shit like ummm lets see......saying your a MODEL? and sending out FAKE ASS pictures! WTF?! Are you that insecure with yourself? Well if I looked like you God knows I would be pretty insecure too."

*the drama begins here*

It has been brought to my attention that a CERTAIN SOMEONE named...uhmm well not really sure what to call the schitzoid...I'll just call her "Lahela" since that's what she claims her name is...has been using a fake picture and making up PEOPLE.  Did you think no one would figure you out?  Good job smart guy!  You've actually tricked some people.  I'll give you that, but now I'm going to BLOW YOUR FUCKIN COVER!

My boyfriend  Paka (pakaloloboi808) use to come online in yahoo back in 2001 when we weren't together. He use to talk to a lot of girls online and we were buddies. Sometimes we'd switch nicknames and laugh about all the girls that PM'd him and the girls that would email him their (so-called) picture. Well i remember one girl that sent a picture. I saw it in his email...her name was "Lehua Lee"  I remember this picture because she was actually very attractive.  It's really hard to believe that someone who claims to be a "model" spends their spare time chatting online instead of out with their real life friends. the beginning of 2002 Paka stopped coming online because he thought it was useless. By that time we'd been together for a 2003 (2 years later) I remember talking with Kani'ela (haynstyle127) one night because we were all at a party he had at his house. He told us he was kinda talking with a girl named "Tihani" and Ala told him to show us her picture, an guess fuckin what?! The same picture Paka had in his email from 2001 from "Lehua Lee"!!! Me and Ala were like  (Ala knew about the picture because I was kinda jealous at the time because I had a crush on Paka) I was like her name isn't Tihani, it's Lehua or Jasmine!!! Ever since I told him about that, he was kinda skeptical of this bitch. Now, I find out from Fallon that "Lahela" uses THIS screen name in Yahoo.  Now, if you have any common sense, you're already understanding what I'm telling you. If not keep on clicking. There's a total of four screens that I took screen shots of on my computer.

Picture of "Lehua Lee" on Lahela's profile
Paka's email from "Lehua Lee"
The picture's name is the same as the picture name on Lahela's profile

 Lahela's fuckin' deranged!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kani'ela even told me the other day that she was talking to him as "Lahela" asking if he had a girlfriend. Apparently Kani'ela is with "Tihani" at the moment but told "Lahela" that he didn't have a girlfriend. After he told "Lahela" that, she told him I KNOW TIHANI AND I'M TELLING HER WHAT YOU SAID! Lmfao!!! MAYBE BECAUSE.... YOU ARE "TIHANI"!  Then she PM'd Kani'ela after that and told him that "Tihani" told her to tell him NEVER TO CALL HER AGAIN. LMFAO!!!!!  WHO'S THE INTERNETAHOLIC NOW BITCH!?  Mind your own fuckin business~!!!!!!!! You're doing this to Kana too! That's why you're telling me that Kana has a girlfriend and she's a model and how Fallon THINKS she's going out with Kana.  Probably because you're pretending to be that person! YOU'RE FUCKIN WACKY ALRIGHT AND PREPOSTEROUS AS WELL!!!!  *ugh!* Get your fat white ass off that computer chair and do some fuckin' taebo, maybe you won't have to be made up people to get some "LOVE" from guys online. You're pathetic "Lahela".  I can't believe Juni went out with you.  If anything I think you were either a reboud or he just didn't want to hurt your feelings.  He was the love of your life you say huh?  LoL There are no words to describe how low you are "Lahela".  Piss off bitch, get the fuck out of my site.

(If those pictures are too small and you can't read the words...I'll email them to you if you really wanna know the truth or I'll give you a link to it uploaded on a better server.)

March 24, 2003

Hatahz always gonna hate

Check out this comment I got from Lahela....
" LOL!!! I was just talking about you, with a certain someone who needed me to point a  thing or 2 about  you, so sad to think , I take that back, to KNOW that what was going on was right...neways  you wont know what me and him and her are referring to, but yeah you took the laugh your little  laugh MRS. INTERNETAHOLIC TWAT...little  do you know  the laughs on you, your so  pathetic.  Spend  your life online, wheres your daughter when your  busy  making people backgrounds? or when  your on your WICKED SITES  typing up nonsense shit that we laugh when reading...Is  she  gonna be a   ADD child like your sister?? are you neglecting her like your  parents  do you guys?? Is the  cycle  gonna keep revolving in  your family??or  do you think  youll be  the first to  break  it?? 23 still at home??  whats going on...addicted to your neglectful parents  intenet connection? or the roof on  your head?  or food on your  table?? what is it SAHA(mrs internetaholic twat)  LMAO girl out of all the peoples names on  your site, the biggest and  bestest laughs we all  get is YOURS!  you one TUNTA with dont phase me just wanted to type more t rash for your lovely WICKED TRASH SITES...just a sorry example of a wanna be  woman...get out there girl live life,  talk a bout others look at  you....kudeah grow get KIDS....ladat...HEELLLOOOO!!!!!

Posted 3/23/2003 at 10:39 pm by WACKYKANAKY_LAHELA

To answer all of the questions you asked...which are none of your business, (BTW) but because I've got the energy to waste on you go.

Spend  your life online, wheres your daughter when your  busy  making people backgrounds? or when  your on your WICKED SITES  typing up nonsense shit that we laugh when reading...Is  she  gonna be a   ADD child like your sister??

My life is not spent ONLINE.  lol Seems like yours is because you spend your time talking about ME with certain someone's.  An some joke is on me.  LoL Sounds to me like you take online shit alittle to heart.  If you weren't such a kronik none of the things i posted would have offended you.  You're obviously offended because you left me that comment.  BUSY making people backgrounds?  LoL you act like it takes a long time to make backgrounds....maybe for someone like you who doesn't know takes me about 5 seconds to maybe 2 mins. to make a background depending if i already know what they want or not.  Typing up nonsense?  You're the one not making any tried to get me to talk shit about Fallon on my site by talking shit about her to me and when I turned around and posted it I'm typing up nonsense?  I'm so happy that you laugh when you read my's suppose to be entertaining.  Anyways...about my daughter that you're just so interested with...first you need to learn about ADD.  You're BORN with there's no is she GONNA be ADD child like my sister....if she had ADD i'd know.  Another thing, my daughter is 3 years old and attends SCHOOL.  Not sure if you ever heard of that type of thing.  I doubt that you know anything about school because you type like shit.  Words are capitolized after periods not ...'s  and the words "you're and your" should never be mistaken for eachother.  learn the difference you type like Jun.  repeating many times do you need to call me Mrs. Internetaholic twat?  Call me what you like and think what you like about what I do with my time.  Yes, I'm 23 and still living at home with my parents.  What's wrong with that?  LoL there are 38 year old males with NO CHILDREN who DON'T NEED HELP still living with his parents and you're gonna focus on my life as if I'm doing something wrong? My contributions to this household are non of your concern.  Did you NOT read the part when I said I was MOVING?!  LoL funny how you like to focus on the NEGATIVES.  Does it make you feel better to focus of the negatives of other people?  You know nothing about me but what I put up for you to see on here.  You can make all the assumptions and believe in what you think.  I do have a life and the people that know me from Keala, Kanani and Kiana (just to name a few) know that I do do other things other than staying online all day long.  Maybe for you making a post takes up half of your day, but for me it only takes a few minutes.  Right now there's not much for me to do but wait to give birth.  I'm not neglecting at all.  The only internetaholic twat here is you.  Talking shit about me with whoever your online friend is...and laughing at me?  Well have fun doing it.  Goes to show who's the real interentaholic.  All you do is talk shit online with your "friends" about other people because YOU'RE A FAT UGLY ASS HAOLE with low selfesteem!  Ugh!!!  It's no wonder you wanna talk shit about Fallon because she's got a man...something you definately don't have.  LoL I remember one day my boyfriend and I were looking at Kanani's site and I saw a link to yours when I went to your site the first thing we saw was your picture.  When he saw your picture the first thing he said was EWWWW and decided he didn't want to look at people's sites after that.  But it's all gravy right Lahela cuz you're laughing at my wiked site huh?  Don't be a hypocrit Lahela cuz I put up my archives with you TALKING SHIT ABOUT FALLON TO ME.  So you get out and live life.  Practice what you preach. 
hmmm? how long did it take me to type out all that Tasha?


Got this from Lahela's GHETTO ass site....
"Anyways Im 25, & Im From Oahu, Kalihi Valley if you noisy, But Currently I Stay Cali..I Work, School, Play, OH! No Forget I My Kids..Das Right I Get Kids, If Yah Dont Like It Step aside..LOL Im A Full Time Student, P/T Internet Addict.."

internet addict huh? An you've got kids? I'm assuming more than 1? Well worry about your kidS instead of mine. I hope your kids don't speak the way you type. You're a extremely terrible rolemodel as far the way you speak. Most people speak the way they type. An for your children's sakes...I hope you don't speak the way you type

"Dis Zone Down Hea Ish All Me Baby!! I Know I Aint All Dat But U Bettah Bet Dat Ass Im A Bag Of Chips & Dip..LMFAO! But No B Sked I Onleh Bite On Command!! :P Enjoy Da Ugly But Sexy Picz, Um. No Stare To Hard Bumbai U  Lose Ur Mind"

You type like a highschooler! (No offence to all your highschool girls/guys out there but she does) Yould think someone at the age of 25 would seem just a LITTLE intelligent. You only bite on command? What are you some kind of mutt? An let me tell you THE LAST THING YOU ARE LAHELA IS SEXY. You're fuckin HORRAHZ! So stop kidding yourself. Please quit the sex talking you've got on your's making me gag.